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From Don F.

Ok here’s the deal… I read the preview and it hooked me from the start! Its fantastic!!! I was happy for Gabby and I could see everything from the old car to the gastation owner to the lawyer’s office! I can picture it clearly. This is the best kind of writing, its very descriptive without being overly wordy. 3mil huh? I want to finish the book. It looks like a good read and I’m looking forward to it.

From Author of “Twisted Delights,” Kimberly Bennet.

“Reflection’s of Death”
Unforgettable characters; a plot that continuously thickens and creepiness is abundant. I couldn’t put it down! Bravo, Taressa!

From a fan~Savana Dustt

A wonderful novel . For the first time in my life I read a 60 chapter novel in 2 week’s .. I had a hard time putting the book down .. A fantastic Novel and well put together story . A spectacular thriller with love , thrills and chills that will go up your back spine. Incredible Novel Taressa Klays….. I’m waiting to read more of your novels.

Review from Simone, Hubpages Staff~ on my short story, “Enemy Hearts.”

Everyone in the office just heard me hollering and couldn’t believe it was
from a Hub I was reading. What an AWESOME story! I have goosebumps!!!
Would you really be cool with us featuring this in our podcast? It would be
such a privilege!  And if so, would you like to read it yourself, or would you
prefer to have someone else read it for you?  Do let me know.  My gosh… what a great story!
Thanks for that –  I was falling into a Friday coma before. 😀

Baby Blues~ Second short story within the pages of Enemy Hearts and Other Short Stories, took 1st place in it’s category, in the Hawthorne Citation Awards for 2010.

By MaYankk Singh
“Awesome writer with brilliant thoughts.”

By Charlene Harris
Finished it in two nights. Wonderful read. Loved your characters. Gabby had me teary eyed by the top of page 26 and laughing by page 40. Thanks so much, Teresa! Enjoyed Reflection`s of Death immensely.

From “Enemy Hearts,” When the Power to Heal Turns Deadly…Hubpages, Website Examiner

This is really great! Well-written, well-edited. Characters, storyline, plot – it’s all good. I wouldn’t mind to publish this story in Novelty – Stories & Perspectives.

Thank You!


Posted April 9, 2011 by Taressa Klays

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