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Photo: Can't possibly have such a beautiful pic without adding some words to the mix!


Posted June 10, 2013 by Taressa Klays in Poetry, Visual Poetry

That Nasty Little Popsicle Fly   2 comments

That Nasty Little Popsicle Fly.

Posted November 8, 2012 by Taressa Klays in Poetry, Visual Poetry

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That Nasty Little Popsicle Fly   3 comments

Bulgy eyes stared down at me,

Sheer wings poised for flight,

That nasty little Popsicle fly,

Had mine locked in his sight.

I stuck out my tongue and took a lick,

Savouring every drop,

That Popsicle fly was drooling,

The frozen juice so cooling,

My lips, I crunched a bit.

That fly zoomed up into the sky,

And dove back down, real quick,

I turned away, I hoped he missed,

He landed on my stick!

That nasty little Popsicle fly,

Stuck out his little tongue,

He took a lick and shivered,

Then, squeaked, “Yummy, yum, yum.”

I waved my hand. I told him, “Scat,”

I certainly was going to have none of that!

He flew straight up, and circled round,

Diving in for an extra nibble,

I stomped my foot.  I told him, “Shoo,”

I didn’t know what I was going to do?

That nasty little Popsicle fly,

Gave me quite a fright,

He landed right upon my nose,

His legs perched for a fight,

He squeaked out a tiny message,

I could scarcely hear,

“You know,” he said,

“You’d, be nicer if you shared.”

I thought on this a moment,

Then realized he was right,

That nasty little Popsicle fly,

Gave me strong, sturdy insight,

It was I, who was being nasty,

And I couldn’t have that at all.

So we sat right down,

And we had a ball,

We licked that Popsicle clean,

We laughed and giggled,

That Popsicle fly squiggled,

He said, I was a queen.

Then off he flew, into the blue,

And tipped his little head,

His bulgy eyes stared down at me,

And this is what he said,

“Thank you for the Popsicle,

And thanks for being my friend,

I will never forget you,

From now until the end.”

Posted November 8, 2012 by Taressa Klays in Poetry, Visual Poetry

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What is Love?   Leave a comment

What is love

but a patter of the heart

a place where butterfly’s soar.


What is love

but a soft gentle breeze

that rustles the top’s of the plants.


What is love

but a quiet strength within,

that gives potency to the soul.


What is love

but a magnificent thing,

you have and cannot ignore.


What is love

but the conqueror of burdens,

gentle waves upon the coast.


What is love

but something you give, and receive,

from and to whomever you choose.


What is love

but a gift

to precious for anyone to miss.

 © Taressa Klays, All rights reserved

Posted March 30, 2011 by Taressa Klays in Poetry

It’s a Hard Life   Leave a comment

Twas a faraway land,

from whence I once came,

travelling hills and valleys,

bruised and beaten, tattered and torn,

I gathered my broken parts,

and sought to be re-born

I carried myself forward,

my pieces in hand,

to put me back together,

till strong I could stand.


It didn’t come easy

some parts didn’t fit,

so I made some innovative ones,

and pieced me back together,

…bit by bit.

Today I met the mountain,

I am finally whole,

boots on my feet,

equipment in hand,

I’m ready to climb,

face life’s greatest demand.


And when I make it to the top,

I’ll be sure to throw a rope,

and help someone else,

cause I know the climb is tough,

life can be jagged,

it’ll rip you apart,

it’ll leave you ragged,

only for a time,

then you’ll pull yourself together,

as I did in mine,

and climb your own mountain,

maybe two steps at a time.

 © Taressa Klays, All rights reserved

Posted March 29, 2011 by Taressa Klays in Poetry

Mystic Meditation   Leave a comment

I reach down into the depths of my soul,

where all is dark and silent,

not a ripple, nor voice,

not a care, nor choice…

just serenity and peace,

my mind is still

and for a brief moment

the world around me vanishes

into an abyss of nothingness

a sweet place of sensibility

A deep breath, my heart beats steadily

Ocean waves permeate the shore,

my body sinks bottomless

into soft white sand

breathing deeper


falling into empty space,

and I sleep.

Posted March 26, 2011 by Taressa Klays in Poetry

An Angel’s Kiss   Leave a comment

An Angels kiss falls upon his cheek

he catches his breath, he cannot speak.


His heart is taken by this beautiful maiden

his want is hers, and hers is his.


An angels kiss falls upon his lips

His heart beats fast, her spell is cast.


She turns and fly’s back to the heavens

Until the next time, her lover beckons.


She is his Angel and he is her Prince,

Together forever, forever apart.



Posted August 26, 2010 by Taressa Klays in Poetry